Formless to form when in dire need

Swetha Krishnaswamy
2 min readOct 23, 2022
A still from Kantara

When there is an unimaginable, unexpected awareness, a newness in how we experience the world, our internal realm wakes up. It grows deeper and the understanding of the entities renders the within to be the only unspoken, unshaken…one, reality, what do we term this?

The identity ceases cause there is truly none, and yet that awareness is all-encompassing. It gives a complete, unbeatable strength whenever there arises an intention or Sankalpa.

When Shiva’s father speaks as Panjurli, a part of him is aware of this. While at it, the only event that can follow is being one with the Daiva. What is this Daiva? Rather than interpreting it as mythology, the beauty lies in what happens when we truly are amazed and taken aback by the experience. We choose or rather already become that experience, merging into it that our human lives cease to exist. That’s how we humans see it.

Perhaps, that mortal cease is the tip of the unknown vastness. And once you know it, you become it. Beautiful, graceful, all-welcoming — and omnipresent. Believed with Sankalpa, and you become that. Or experienced without the tiniest speck of expectation and you surrender.

Now and then the Daiva shows up in a tangible form, there is love. There is compassion. An intention to convey a message, only to help those who seek. Shiva, in his Bhoota Kola, begins to gesture toward the forest officer. Initially came off as an invitation to join the performance, to celebrate winning back what’s truly one’s. Leading to an intensely emotional scene where he brings each one’s hands together in unity and places them on top of his heart. Continuously pulling them together and tapping on his heart. He knew what he would do next. At this point, the people could only slowly absorb this. They have not yet become one with him.

The Daiva, now in the form of Shiva and as Shiva lovingly shows a path forward. To have each other’s back while he is gone. That’s all that matters.