To seek what?

Beyond ‘to each their own’

Swetha Krishnaswamy
2 min readNov 11, 2023

While certain experiences cannot be spoken out, writing quite does the transliteration, if I may. Yet, in those attempts to articulate, not every bit can be revealed. We still write and wish to share the least at least, with our fellow kind.

As natural as it is to ebb and flow with the journey of life, so is the practice of self-introspection. Innate nature — what is it? Does it always try to seek pleasure and shun pain? Where does the collective consciousness come into play?

For me, the perception begins here. A good starting point arrives at every moment, each unique and original of its own. Does it really matter if a perceived time is on any side of the spectrum — good, happy, challenging, bad, as intense as it can get? With each moment, if harder to pay attention to, breath gives a better hand to support and anchor, one at a time. Breath is effortlessly the easier reminder of the ultimate truth — the now.

Conditioned to think experiences seem to shape our identity? Does having and achieving desires of any kind aid in identifying one’s identity? Or does the lack deny it? They surely do let us run our daily errands which by no means is belittled. The essence though lies in the conscious experience of the now. Irrespective of how the body or the mind tends to tag it on the basis of one own’s or social conditioning.

The rawness of the present moment automatically draws only into itself an awareness state, which by default is desireless. It just is. As bluntly put, there is no emotion or thought to it. What then of the ego placing itself on a pedestal — of having a high emotional quotient/an intellectual quotient? Can one sit with one’s own body and mind defying time and space? Would these quotients really define the ability to do so?

Collective consciousness, if anything, primarily brings out the unity in the realm of awareness of breath. We all certainly differ in how we breathe. But breath, we do, indefinitely till we move to the realm of its independence to stay alive, or not.